In Limbo

dir. Alina Maksimenko / 2024 / Poland / 70min.
The front of the Russian invasion is getting closer and closer, and the Ukrainian family has to make a decision – to stay or to run away?

Russia's invasion of Ukraine finds Alina in Irpien, near Kiev. She is alone, with her leg in a cast after recent surgery. She manages to escape with her cat from a bombed and cut off city in one of the last evacuation groups. She reaches a cottage in a nearby village where her parents are stuck. For the first weeks they try to live normally. Her mother conducts online classes, her father takes care of his cats and the animals in the neighborhood, Alina records current events with her camera. However, the front is getting closer and closer, and they have to make a decision – to stay or to run away? When the neighbors leave their homes, Alina and her parents, under the cover of the night, hurry to pack. At the very last minute, the father decides to stay...


70 min
country / year of production:
Poland / 2024
Alina Maksimenko
Alina Maksimenko
Justyna Ham, Filip Marczewski, Katarzyna Madej Kozłowska / Wajda Studio
selected festivals and awards:
2024 – Visions du Réel Nyon: Main Competition
Best Debut Award Best Polish Film Award
Polish films psychology relations war Ukraine family

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